What our firm offers

Intellectual and industrial property

We advise our clients on the protection and registration of their intellectual assets in Argentina, as well as regionally and internationally. We also give advice in legal aspects of telecommunications and Internet commerce. We highlight the importance of intellectual property and focus the economic wealth of intangible assets for individual entrepreneurs, little and bigger enterprises, as well as for institutions.

Industrial property

Trademarks / Patents / Biotechnology / Industrial Designs and Models / Technology Transfer and Licensing / Registration Procedures / Litigation / License Agreements, Know How, Franchises / Patent Marketing Services.

Intellectual property and artistic field

Authors 'and Producers' Rights / Rights of Musical Performers / Image Rights / Television Formats / Literary Works - Cinematographic - Musical / Registration Procedures and to Collective Management and Promotion Organizations / Scientific Publications / Internet and Information Technology / Software / Internet Domains.

Exclusive Technology Alert Service

This service consists of a technological and competitive intelligence system that provides real-time quality information on competitor approaches. This will enhance your firms protection and development in terms of IP. It also facilitates finding new niches of opportunity and investigating your market.

Labor law

We are committed to represent and advise medium-sized companies in labor disputes that may arise, by obtaining the best results, through informal transactions, conciliations, extrajudicial agreements, and, where appropriate, by seeking favorable judicial resolutions.

For this, we have a team of outstanding professionals, working in a personalized way, addressing the specific problems of each case, and guiding our clients in all the essential aspects of labor disputes in Argentina. Allways in the respect of the stated goals.

Our services:

Situation Report - Registered Application / Pre-contractual Reports - Supplementary Contracts and Schedules / Loss Prevention - Risk Factor Control / Intermediation with Personnel Selection Agencies / Joint Liability of Agencies and Employers - Casuistry / Negotiation and Conciliation / Alternative Resolution Labor Disputes and Domestic Disputes / Drafting of Telegrams / Indemnification - Regulations / Occupational Injuries / Law Enforcement 20,744 - 24,013 - 25,323 - 25,345 - 26,844 / Labor Litigation in the Federal Capital and the Province of Buenos Aires / Domestic Service Council - SECLO - Ministry of Labor, Province of As. / Administrative and Judicial Procedure - Resources – Enforcement

Social Security:

* Law 24 476 Voluntary regularization. moratorium
* Law 26.970 New Moratorium
* Domestic service
* Special diets. Teachers and armed forces
* Forms
* Administrative process
* Act 24,241 Pensions and Pensions
* Retirement for disability (RTI)
* Law 20.475 Retirement for invalidity
* Law 20.888 Retirement for blindness
* Retirement because of advanced age (PEA)
* Readjustments
* Historical repair.

Mediation Service and Dispute Resolution Procedures

With 10 years of experience in the legal field, we are proud to present the new area of dispute resolution procedures,, through its founding partner, Mr. Patricio Paludi, who has been registered as a pre-trial mediator, by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation.
Mediation is a method of resolving conflicts through the assistance of a neutral third party, the mediator. The mediator is a neutral and impartial third party whose task is to lead the mediation process without interfering with the will of the parties, collaborating so that they can easily communicate their wishes and positions and thus reach the conflict resolution. It is a fast and economical process in which the parties are listened to and respected as legitimate owners of the process and key actors in finding a solution to the problem that concerns them, under the umbrella of the initiative and the know-how of the professional mediator.

Civil | Commercial | Company | Contracts

More and more individual entrepreneurs and little companys are seeking to associate in a certain way, in order to create joint projects, in the form of a Limited Liability Company or an Anonymous Society. The advantage of finding a way to limit personal liability and to avoid risking personal wealth, makes this legal type a very tempting option.
We have the best advising and professional assistance team in all areas related to the formation, development, partial resolution, dissolution and liquidation of all types of companies; transformation, merger and division of companies; corporate conflicts, management of meetings; right to interruption; drafting and monitoring of collaboration agreements between local and foreign companies, or simple formalities at the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ). .

"Property rights are not only a source of economic freedom, but also a source of political freedom".
- Milton Friedman