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Welcome to our firm: ESTUDIO PALUDI & ASOCIADOS

When you decide to hire an external professional service, you need to meet the person (s) with whom you trust.
With us, you will receive a personal service of quality, based on the principles of honesty, professionalism, commitment, confidentiality and promptness. We are the right people to solve conflicts of any kind, quickly and efficiently, as our years of experience in the industry demonstrate.

Uruguay 532 2° piso depto 21 C.P. 1015 Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina|
patriciopaludi@estudiopaludi.com.ar | Tel.(5411) 4947-6338

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  • Why choose our firm?

      We provide total proximity and availability to our clients, and we accomplish the stated goals in the best possible way.
      We have a long trajectory with big brands, inventors, small and medium enterprises. We know the different needs that different types of customers have and we know how to meet them.
    • TRUST
      With our customers, we achieve relationships of true mutual trust that allow us to go further in the delivery of our services.

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    "A brand is a collection of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that together represent a consumer's decision to choose one product or service through another".
    - Seth Godin